You’re a strong, empowered woman. You’ve had to fight twice as hard for your seat at the table while juggling a personal life, a family, a professional life, your significant other, staying healthy, self-care, meditation, staying motivated all the time while facing generations of societal pressure!

Isn’t it about time we openly talk about feminine hygiene and isn’t it time we take back the word Vagina! Should we not talk about what occurs with our bodies through the different stages of our lives?

Stress can certainly alter pH levels1…this is important to remember when we are out in the world trying to professionally prove we can do things just as well as men can! In fact, better than men can! Altered pH levels along with exposing your Vagina to irritants like bubble baths, spermicides and laundry detergent can increase your likelihood of infections2a.

As our lives evolve and we become sexually active, we get busier, we start families (and add the stress that comes with children) and our pH changes we increase our chances of infection like Bacterial Vaginosis, Candida (Thrush) and Trichmonas Vaginitis2b. All of which are not transmitted sexually, are very common, are associated with symptoms like some form of discharge, itching and redness or a burning pain and notable odour2c.

Adding a safe, soap free and fragrance free (non-irritant) wash to your daily self-care routine will help keep infections at bay. GynaGuard’s Control Range has been created with you in mind.

GynaGuard’s Ultimate Intimate Wash has an enhanced prebiotic and probiotic formulation that can help fight infections as it supports and restores a healthy pH balance.

Adding GynaGuard’s Ultimate Intimate Wash to your daily self-care routine means one less thing to think about as it’s gentle enough for everyday use and one less thing to worry about as it washes away odour-causing germs.

Following childbirth, breastfeeding and menopause3a , many women experience vaginal dryness which is unpleasant at best! Symptoms include itching, burning and pain during sexual intercourse. We mustn’t let this negatively affect our self-esteem or relationships. It’s totally natural!

75% of postmenopausal women are affected by vaginal dryness4(who knew?!). Vaginal moisturisers are helpful in treating vaginal dryness. GynaGuard’s Lubricating Moisturising Gel can soothe dryness and discomfort, hydrates and moisturises (is non-sticky and non-greasy), but best of all can be used to enable you to relax and enjoy those private sexual moments.

Adding GynaGuard to your daily self-care routine will allow you to stay on-top of whatever life throws at you! Whether you’re conquering the professional world, running your family like a boss or going through menopause.

GynaGuard will ensure a healthy, and Happy Vagina!

Be empowered.
Join the Movement, #HappyVHappyme

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