When I think back, my mother never broached this subject with me…it’s a conversation I’m sure to have with my daughter! Knowledge is power! I want her to be as informed as possible about what’s going on in her body during puberty and she must know we have nothing to be embarrassed about! As women, we need to be more open about our bodies and take control of the conversation.

The way we start these intimate conversations is by starting them! As clumsy as they might feel they only become easier the more we have them. We need to talk openly about our vaginal health and wellbeing.

As our bodies evolve, we notice significant differences in our vaginas…menstruation…an increase in vaginal discharge…these changes are entirely normal and are nothing to be embarrassed about. It is such a confusing time!

Reassure your daughter that her body is a wonderful thing! That her vagina is amazing! With an ideal pH balance (of 3.8 – 4.2)1a it maintains a perfect environment for good types of bacteria that keep it clean and healthy while keeping harmful bacteria to a minimum.

A change in pH levels can be brought on by antibiotics, medication, contraception, stress and sexual intercourse (this is a conversation for another day)1b. Using normal soap bars near your vagina could upset the pH balance1c.

The safest way to have a happy, healthy, clean and comfortable vagina is with GynaGuard’s pH balanced products. All of which have been specially formulated for sensitive skin and are pH balanced2 to not throw your pH balance of kilter.

The pH Bar (for Intimate cleansing), is a pH balanced soap bar that can be used safely daily, is fragrance free.

Using foam or bubble bath can unsettle pH levels1c. GynaGuard’s Fragrance Free Foam Bath, is soap and colourant free and can help to reduce dryness and irritation. The probiotic formula helps soothe, hydrate and protect your vagina.

It’s during this time we need to ensure a safe space for our daughters to ask questions and trust that using GynaGuard’s products daily will keep them clean and confident. I want her to be empowered.

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