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(ages 8 – 14)[1]

Our bodies evolve significantly; We start menstruation and see a general increase in vaginal discharge. These factors can come with unique circumstances that call for the maintenance of a healthy pH balance and need to smell and feel fresh. The most important thing to remember is that everything our bodies are going through is totally normal! Instead of being embarrassed, acknowledge what is going on, and be more open about how we feel by talking to each other!

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Hey friend! Your body is changing and that’s okay. It’s part of the 1st stages of becoming a woman. In fact, if you’re between the ages of 12-17 then you’re most likely going through puberty. Let us empower and inspire you during this life change.

Reproductive Age

(ages 15 – 49)[2]
We’re hustling, working towards careers, social lives and parenting. The stresses of our lifestyle, diet, environment and clothes we wear can affect the health and pH balance of our intimate areas, bringing discomfort that can cause infections and bacteria’s[3a]. You know your body, and you know when something unusual is going on. There is no shame in having a feminine hygiene product in your bathroom!

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Whether you’re a mom to be, a new mom or a mom who’s seen it all! The pregnancy journey brings a wealth of changes to your body and mind. Your pH levels can be thrown off by hormone fluctuations[3b] & even by using scented soaps or detergents[3a]. Find your “circle of moms” here where you can ask any question about the changes in your body you’re going through or have been through as a mom.

Climacteric Age

(ages 50+)[4]
Perimenopausal age brings new changes. Less production of Oestrogen may cause the tissues of the vulva and the lining of the vagina to become thinner and drier, causing discomfort[5]. Our menstrual period becomes irregular and eventually stops. We experience mood-swings and can become depressed, irritable and anxious[6a]. It is important to lean on our support systems through this time, whoever they are…family, loved ones and friends. Reaching out is a sign of strength not weakness!

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You are going through menopause, the stage in your life when you’re liberated from worry about periods, and HOT FLUSHES are your new thing[6b]. Let’s get real, it’s a confusing time and you are not alone… We have plenty of advice to help you manage your menopausal experience.