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How can I keep clean and fresh

ESSENTIAL INTIMATE WASH: Gentle, yet effective Hydrating Antiseptic Cleanser, washes away odour causing germs, leaves you feeling clean, fresh and confident. Can be used daily.

pH BAR INTIMATE CLEANSING: Skin conditioning mild cleanser to wash away dirt and odour.

GYNAGUARD WIPES: Removes unwanted odour. Maintains the pH balance of your vagina. Perfect for keeping clean and fresh. Ideal for use during menstruation and after exercise.

Itchiness after swimming / Exercise

INTIMATE COMFORT GEL: Stops irritation and itching. Supports and restores a healthy pH balance, softens and conditions your vagina.

Foam baths messes my pH balance

pH BALANCED FOAM BATH FRAGRANCE-FREE & LIGHTLY FRAGRANCED: Gentle enough to use every day to clean and care for delicate skin. Hydrating foaming cleanser, leaves you feeling fresh and clean.

* This tool is to aid in assisting you with various symptoms you may be expierincing during a life stage or a monthly cycle, this is tool is not used to diagnose any symptom or problem you may be experiencing, you will need to consult with a health care professional

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